5 façons de gagner de l’argent avec ChatGPT

Foreign T est un logiciel révolutionnaire et gratuit qui permet de gagner de l’argent en ligne. Il offre six idées de génie pour démarrer une entreprise rentable. Comme le marché des services d’intelligence artificielle est en plein essor, il est important de profiter de cette opportunité dès maintenant. Voici cinq façons de gagner de l’argent avec ChatGPT :

1. Créez une agence de branding : Utilisez ChatGPT pour demander des suggestions de noms, concevoir des logos et rédiger du contenu pour les sites web de vos clients. La conversation avec ChatGPT peut être continue, ce qui facilite les interactions.

2. Créez des applications en utilisant l’API de ChatGPT : Si vous avez des compétences en programmation, vous pouvez créer des applications qui utilisent ChatGPT pour répondre aux demandes de service client, planifier des tâches, saisir des données, etc.

3. Faites de la rédaction freelance : Utilisez ChatGPT pour générer des idées, des titres et des plans d’articles. Vous pouvez lui demander d’écrire des parties d’articles en se basant sur le plan détaillé qu’il a généré. Trouvez des contrats de rédaction sur des plateformes comme Fiverr et Upwork.

4. Publiez des livres sur Amazon : Utilisez ChatGPT pour écrire des livres, puis utilisez un logiciel comme Bookbolt pour les concevoir et les publier sur Amazon. Cette combinaison unique offre une perspective intéressante dans un marché concurrentiel.

5. Trouvez d’autres idées : Explorez d’autres possibilités pour exploiter les capacités de ChatGPT et gagner de l’argent.

Il est important de souligner que ces opportunités peuvent ne pas durer éternellement, alors profitez-en dès maintenant pour tirer le meilleur parti de ChatGPT et de l’intelligence artificielle.

Source : Gillian Perkins | Date : 2023-03-21 17:18:15 | Durée : 00:11:36

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Gillian Perkins

Which of these ideas do you think has the most potential? 👀

Leila Safari

Thanks so much!
For all of the ideas you just mentioned, marketing is the most important part.

No matter how professional you are in Upwork, Fiverr or so, markeing and those app's algorithms always work based on the time you've been there…

Matilda Wolfram

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Trisha Fulton - Passive Income Today

Great ideas in an ideal world, but the reality is you still need traffic, or customers.

Mbali Ngcamu

Thanks for taking your time and put this content together, I will try one of these


Did you use ai to create this video?


Will a write original text not plagiarize?

Rubik's Cube

But isn’t that plagiarism? Having a computer write a book and slapping your name on it?


Thank you very informative. I love the lighting you are using. Do you mind sharing your lighting set up?

Ed Wagemann Family

AI will eat itself
It’s already happening. AI is THE buzzword right now. Every YouTuber and podcaster is obsessed with it and how it is changing the nature of mankind. It is taking over social media and controlling the sounds and images we see and the thoughts of cell-phone addicted consumers.
And although millions of cell phone addicts are responding to every deep fake electronic cue that is transmitted through their little brainwashing machines, at the same time there are millions of self-aware folks who have already become bored with AI. It is simply the modern version of the hula hoop or the muscle car. It’s shelf life expiring rapidly, like any other mechanism that is void of the human touch.

бледная моль

What an irritating voice – jeeez I feel sorry for your kids and husband

Rawan Hajjar

A new subscriber is here 😊 Do you have a video about starting a Youtube Services Support Agency please?

Lenka A.

Nr. 6 why would companies pay you to do it, when they can ask chatgpt the same thing themselves?

Jahzel Morel

Could you make a video on how to get clients for the YouTube support services? Thanks a lot!

Jahzel Morel

Do you need any help with writing your scripts? 😉

Joe Z

I feel like a lot of people are overestimating the opportunity here. First off it’s not a superpower if everyone has it which everyone does. Second and more importantly chatGPT is not creating high quality content. It’s effectively the average of whatever you can find on the internet for any given subject. I can tell you from experience with coding it may be able to do the grunt work for you but it gets a lot wrong and needs tons of hand holding and correction. I’ve had it write fan fictions just for kicks and it’s entertaining to play with but it’s not something anyone would be happy to pay to read. If you are thinking you can just write a few prompts and get quality content out you will be very disappointed.

Ephemeral Sky [Official]

It gets meta when you realize that the content for this exact video prbly came from chatgpt as well lol
Headed straight for dystopia


Thank you, now we will all become billionaires

HD Productions

have you actually made revenue from any of these concretely or are they just your ideas? it's so tricky making any new business sound so easy.

John C. Reid

Let's cut straight to the chase Gillian. You obviously know how to make money with ChatGPT, because the only way (currently) to make money with ChatGPT (beyond getting lucky on a one off experiment that hits) is to make YouTube videos on how to make money on ChatGPT. However, even there, the competition is fierce.


Carfully scripted Ad.

Muddasar Abbas

Hi I like the instructions


Onlyfries still the one on top😂😂😂

Hiram Rosa Jr

People already gave up lol, we have plenty big timw

Hiram Rosa Jr

She did say hurry up and do it


Why don’t you do these things

Kaitee Lynn

Could this concept work for like freelance technical writing or copywriting?

Jorah Sinclair

Idea 6 – making videos on how chat gpt will make you money 🤣

Robert Middleton

This video made my head spin. There's an old saying: ideas are cheap. The question is how you can leverage those ideas to really make good money. Any business takes time and effort. And remember, you'll be competing against a zillion other businesses that are doing similar things.

Nature Relaxation

Nice way to take away the ability from humans. Creative people are doomed in future with this……

Izak Niemann

A lot of hype. Most of these ideas will not work.

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