36 Astuces ChatGPT pour Débutants en 2024 : Devenez un EXPERT !

Astuce pour Novices ChatGPT en 2024 : Devenir un PRO !

Dans ce guide concernant le chat GPT, voici 36 recommandations et stratagèmes pour vous aider à vous perfectionner dans le domaine du chat GPT, même si vous débutez. Ces astuces vont de l’essentiel à des méthodes plus sophistiquées pour dominer cette technologie. Que vous nécessitiez de l’aide pour l’intelligence artificielle, la rédaction, la planification ou la résolution de problèmes, le chat GPT peut vous être bénéfique. En complément de ces suggestions, vous pouvez aussi envisager de participer à une formation avancée sur le chat GPT afin d’approfondir vos compétences. Cette formation vous aidera à maîtriser l’utilisation du chat GPT de manière efficiente et à vous intégrer dans une communauté ayant les mêmes centres d’intérêt. Enfin, pensez à vous abonner à la chaîne AI Foundations pour être à jour et poursuivre votre apprentissage sur l’intelligence artificielle. N’hésitez pas à aimer, commenter et partager vos impressions. Merci pour votre intérêt et à bientôt dans de prochaines vidéos !
Source : AI Foundations | Date : 2024-01-05 16:30:11 | Durée : 01:04:30




this is so helpful! thank you so much for craeting contents like this ive learned so much


That's for all the help mate. You are doing a great job and your comms skills are on point 🎉


this not free is there a no charge aichat


Thank you very much for this video! It's very informative and helpful!


It’s all random bullshit. It’s only impressive because the bullshit is complicated.


Are you a real person or Chatgbt?


Too much egotistical face time


you explain everything very clearly without leaving out any details, then you are valued. Many people produce very scholarly videos, but after watching them, viewers feel they haven't gained anything useful. thank you very much for your attempt Good luck god bless.


Great video. I feel much more comfortable with ChatGPT thanks to you. Thank you.


incredible video thank you for sharing.


Wasn’t being down on what I posted. What about memory, what to do with stock options. Creating a revenue stream for people that needs it with a portion say 3-5% going to AI company and NOT the rip off companies have been using for years at 33%. Things the type of AI the government would t want our hands on so let the tech trickle out at the pace of water flowing up hill.


I am not a techie person, but I am intrigued by the positive aspects that AI can add to any job. I only recently learned about AI, and it has blown my mind! Give me time to digest everything you taught me, and I will probably register for your course.


You look so handsome! Are your image a AI GENERATED?


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Great video and content my friend… great things are going to come from this dude folks stay tuned!


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His nose is so big it arrives to the party ten minutes before the rest of him does.


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Why did you mount a vacuum cleaner in the middle if your face?


Cerrano De Bergiac of AI scam courses


Omg. I wonder if he got an AI stuck in his nose.


Why do you have to put the date for example when searching for news stories you told ChatGPT that it is Friday December 29th 2023? Doesn't ChatGPT know todays date or able to deduct that if you are asking for something from last week you mean the previous week from the date you are asking?


I have to say, and I'm sure the entire concept of this video was Chat GPT formatted and put together, that this is the most informative and complete presentation I have seen in years. Well done!

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