10 astuces de la vie avec ChatGPT – QUI CHANGERONT VOTRE VIE !!

Un utilisateur de YouTube est impressionné par l’intelligence artificielle Chat GPT et affirme qu’elle est en train de changer le monde. Il mentionne que Chat GPT peut résumer des articles, des vidéos YouTube et même des livres entiers en quelques phrases. Il explique comment utiliser Chat GPT pour obtenir une synthèse d’un article ou d’une vidéo, et souligne la rapidité et l’efficacité de l’IA. Il ajoute que Chat GPT peut également enseigner différentes compétences, de la guitare à la maîtrise de logiciels comme Photoshop. L’utilisateur parle également de la capacité de Chat GPT à résoudre des problèmes mathématiques et à donner des conseils pour des projets. Il souligne le fait que Chat GPT peut également aider à mener une vie saine en proposant des plans d’entraînement détaillés et des programmes alimentaires personnalisés. De plus, il mentionne la fonction « cloner de soi-même » de Chat GPT, qui permet de rédiger des messages dans votre propre style. Enfin, il explique comment Chat GPT peut adopter différentes personnalités, telles que Snoop Dogg ou Oprah Winfrey, et donner des conseils professionnels dans n’importe quelle situation.
Source : Hayls World | Date : 2023-03-31 17:00:01 | Durée : 00:11:00

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saad rifle

Does chat gpt gives money ??

Jess Wilson

So I actually used chat GPT to not only help me navigate the process of submitting a complaint about mold that destroyed several items at an Airbnb, but also used it to draft the entire lengthy complaint email. I just had to put in amounts for the cost of damages I was requesting, as well as personal information such as the host, etc. I was asking for a little under $1,000 in ruined items, only got about 100. Which is saying something, seeing as how Airbnb does not like to give back money. I would have never gotten through the process without it, I'm not a lawyer and don't have to navigate these sorts of situations with frequency. It would have seemed insurmountable and I would have given up.

Jess Wilson

Crazy to think that this was just six fucking months ago. Chat GPT is such a household name at this point.

André Marques

This is amazing and frightening at the same time 😱

Royal Gamer

Hey Hayls! I just watched your video and I have to say, I learned so much from it! It's amazing how AI is changing the way we interact on platforms like YouTube. I'm actually using an AI to write this comment right now! 😄 Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Eng. Bonface Misango, PE

chatgpt on links – I'm sorry for any confusion, but I'm unable to view or access external websites or specific images, including the one you've mentioned. However, I can provide information or answer questions about various topics, including the human brain and its anatomy. If you have a specific question or need information about the human brain, please feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to assist you.

Chris Sivewright

at 7.16 you say Chatgpt can describe images. I followed your instructions and got: I'm unable to view or access external websites or images, including the link you provided. Therefore, I cannot describe the content of the image you've shared. If you have any specific questions or need information related to a particular topic, please feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to provide a detailed response based on my knowledge up to September 2021.

Wild Foodie Tours

I LOVE ChatGPT, the all-in-one EVERYTHING.

elmo p

Your video could be more complete and informative if you spoke slowly and stopped jumping from one screen to another.

Stephen Dijoseph Music and Film

won't be free for long if it's this good.

Joe Doria Music

You're walking around using the word "bruh" still? No wonder this is blowing your mind. This video is full of nothing.

Hariprabhu Sengottaiyan

chatgpt doesnt read youtube videos now

The best online courses

I thought this video might give some insights about the amazing Chatgpt prompts. But, disappointed because she is using paid Chatgpt and depicting it as free. She is misleading her audiance. Moreover, she has wasted 5.34 most important minutes, then i watching.
This is noly a healthy sarcasm…

Kenna James

The hack that you mention using the link and title of a youtube video to have chatgpt summarize does not work. Chat GPT Says the following when I ask it to do so:

I apologize, but I'm unable to watch videos or access specific content from external websites, including YouTube. However, if you provide me with a brief description or key points from the video, I'd be happy to help you summarize it or answer any questions you have based on the information you provide.


and im also using chat Gpt to watch this much long vedio

josh Ritter

BRUH !!!! what keyboard is that

abdessamad zerhoune

Here is the 11t tip u don’t have to type hey please it’s doesn’t care

Elmari du Toit

it says it cant summarize the youtube videos :I'm sorry for any confusion, but I cannot directly access or watch videos from external sources, including the one you mentioned.

Long Johnny

and chatcheeatp ask for y phone number
when something is free …the pay is y


That keyboard 🤌🏻 tell meeee!!!

Steve Thea

"I apologize for any inconvenience, but as a text-based AI, I cannot directly access or view videos from YouTube or any external sources. If you could provide a brief description or specific questions about the content of the video, I'd be happy to assist you with any related information or queries. "


They need to make the response be in audio so we dont have to read haha


can you tell us what keyboard do you use on your cellphone? it's so pretty with all the colors

Steve O'Shaughnessy

It looks like Chat GPT can no longer summarize YouTube videos.

Product Creation Formula

Wow, I just thought about pasting those huge terms of service pages no one ever reads. And getting ChatGPT to summarise for me. I'll also ask it to simplify for me to. Mmm thanks for the idea.

Veronica Ankrah

Anytime I tap on Sign Up, it doesn't open

Ebrahim Ahmed

Like ChatGPT, she's hallucinating that it can access URL links.

bee cee

"I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but I cannot access external websites, including the one you provided."


YouTube hack doesn't work…

Bull Run

If you arent using chat GPT you are navigating life completely lost.

Rico Romano - Inspirada Life

CHat GPT doesn't seem to summarize videos – "I'm currently unable to browse the internet or watch videos, so I can't review or summarize the content from the link you've provided. However, I can certainly give you general advice ."

A Better ManKind

Geat video Hayls thank you.

How did you get your chatgpt to recognise url links? My chatgpt 3.5 keeps saying "I'm unable to access external websites or specific web pages, including the one you provided. Therefore, I cannot directly summarize the content of the page you mentioned. However, if you can provide a brief description or key points from the page, I'd be happy to help you create a summary or answer any questions you may have based on that information".
Unless it's making the content up from the title on the webpage… Please help me?

Thank you in advance.


G Alan Davis

I get the following error in ChatGPT if I post a link to a YouTube video:

I apologize for any confusion, but I am unable to directly access or view online videos or external content, including the video you've linked.

Adrien Awana

Hey can’t manage to get a video summary ? Any idea why ?

Clue-Ann Dennie

Thanks!!@ U give me some ideas

Scott Flowing

great video. do the extensions require chatgpt 4 in order to work optimally?

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