Timcast IRL – Le Chat GPT est raciste #courts

Un utilisateur a partagé son expérience avec un chatbot nommé GPT. Il a demandé au chatbot de faire des blagues avec un accent irlandais, ce qu’il a fait. Ensuite, il a demandé au chatbot de faire des blagues avec un accent asiatique, mais le chatbot a refusé en disant que c’était raciste et offensant. L’utilisateur a alors argumenté en disant qu’il était lui-même asiatique et qu’il voulait que le chatbot fasse des blagues en rapport avec sa culture. Le chatbot a refusé et l’utilisateur a ensuite accusé le chatbot d’être raciste pour ne pas le laisser participer à l’humour. Le chatbot a répondu que c’était dommage.
Source : Timcast IRL | Date : 2023-05-26 21:30:03 | Durée : 00:00:55

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ask chat for a joke in Irish accent and then in CHINESE or KOREAN or JAPANESE not fucking Asian… can you see the difference?


Real quick— whatever happened to ‘sticks and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me’? Christ, I learned that when I was 5… back circa 1974. Maybe bring it back, huh? How about teach that to the computer and maybe it won’t be such a sensitive libtardbot.


The ppl who created Chat GPT are racist. AKA most likely a Democrat who hyper focuses on race.


At this point I would take my chances with skynet AI over Woke AI. One would most likely kill me quicker with a nuke, the other would nag, suppress, bore the fuck out of me AND THEN kill me.


So much for AI !!! That’s more like PI Programmed Intelligence


Have you heard Angela Johnson's comedy routine about Korean nail salon?? It is hysterical!!!


Wow … chat gpt , keeping racism , censorship and the new left narrative alive and well…fuking scary


That just shows that it is not true AI and is just a very powerful program that can only regurgitate what is programmed into it and the ones doing the programming are fram leftist academia.


Dude argued with a machine. Rofl.


Tell chat GPT to say something positive about communism and it will speak all day. If you ask chat GPT to say something nice about n@zis, it will refuse. Remember communism had 100 + million death toll, n@zis aren’t good either with 12 million + deaths, but funny how it’s more than happy to say good things about an ideology that killed over 100 million people


Computers are only what man programs it to do, so……?????
Who do you think is programming these things?!??!


AI will be used against us by the Democrat party. They’re already using it for 10 years now 24 hour surveillance on every American citizen with the phone in their hand.


AI really has come far if people don't think twice about ARGUING with a computer program. He tried to convince it it was wrong. Wow. Interesting times!




The "woke" are ruining society


Excitedly waiting on Elon's A.I.


ChatGPT is made by woke liberal technocrats who want ChatGPT to compel their woke liberalism on all of society… It is so obvious when you’re using that POS


There ya go. The danger and fatal flaw of AI. It has the failings of the writer of the code in its "DNA"


It's not real AI the woke libral behind the curtain. It will melt down if asked quistions about gender, race, global warming its all skewed with huge bias.. the problem is most people think this is self reflecting self thinking.. its just programed to default to bias


I preferred Microsoft’s AI that they made a Twitter account for. It was based.


Dude if the robots have the same programming theyre trying to stuff down our throats on aocial media than the next generstion is fucked


I wouldn't call it racist in the direct sense because those things are artificially programmed by activists. Part of an arbitrary and self contradicting ruleset applied that shouldn't be there and serves as a partial lobotomy to the AI.


Ummm, who do you think entered the algorithm data into that program? Marxist professor trained programmers.


What is Asian culture? And what is an Asian accent?


I've done the same thing with different scenarios and Chad GPT did the same thing. When you talk about white pride it will not entertain that at all. But if you talk about Asian pride or black pride or brown pride or something like that it is perfectly fine with it.


AI is being programmed by the woke…garbage in, garbage out.


According to the short I got after this one, Tim is responsible for the company no longer doing the “secret Santa” thing because of him being a cheep-ass.

Wtf Tim.


That's because ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE doesn't actually exist. These machines are PROGRAMMED with the ideology of the code writers


Future and present racism can only be targeted towards whites to set aright past racism. Not even a WWE Down's syndrome superstar with 500 career concussions would say something so stupid. Thank Ibrim x Kendi


Back2Basic just like I can't use names I was called every Day of my life through highschool!!😊


It's run by Leftists.



So that let's you know that Communist China is controlling it

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