Qu’est-ce que ChatGPT et comment pouvez-vous l’utiliser

Le Chat GPT est actuellement un sujet très populaire. En moins d’une semaine depuis sa sortie, il a déjà impressionné de nombreuses personnes avec ses capacités. Il a également établi des records en attirant plus d’un million d’utilisateurs en seulement 5 jours, dépassant ainsi la vitesse d’adoption de Netflix, Twitter, Facebook et même Instagram. Avec Chat GPT, vous n’avez plus besoin de passer par Google pour trouver des réponses à vos problèmes. Il peut vous fournir des explications détaillées sur les problèmes que vous rencontrez et comment les résoudre. Cette technologie remet en question la pertinence future de Google. Chat GPT est développé par les mêmes personnes à l’origine d’OpenAI, qui créent également d’autres technologies fascinantes telles que Codex et Copilot. Les utilisateurs peuvent poser des questions à Chat GPT, qui répondra de manière similaire à un être humain. Cela peut sembler effrayant pour des plateformes comme Stack Overflow, qui se concentrent sur les réponses fournies par des humains, c’est pourquoi elles ont exclu Chat GPT de leur système. Néanmoins, l’auteur de la vidéo estime que Chat GPT est une révolution et qu’il transformera notre quotidien, tout comme l’a fait Google à son époque. Il est convaincu que Chat GPT aura de nombreuses applications dans différents secteurs et invite les spectateurs à partager leur avis dans les commentaires.
Source : Adrian Twarog | Date : 2022-12-10 07:02:54 | Durée : 00:04:39

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Jody Johnson

If google intergraded ChatGPT into there browser.


Thnx! Very helpful. You inspired me to have chatgbt help with my food preparation

Allan Kempson

I love ChatGPT! While I still do use Google for some things, if I have a question ChatGPT answers most of them instantly. Also it's good for a bit of fun too which is always good.

Eat water brugh

ChatGPT is amazing and will definitely be more so in the future, I've tried it recently and I am very impressed by how fast it answers my questions so on-point and even organizes information very well.

ChatGPT App

ChatGPT is wonderful AI tool 🔨

4 Queens Tarot

This will also open the door to more socialist policies because a large labor force will be out of work and will need to be dependent
on government programs to survive. You can see it now with inflation and people’s finances being stretched to pay for food and other bills.


As someone who knows next to nothing about computing, coding, and all things tech…I wonder is there anyway of someone "reverse engineering" a piece of work submitted by say…a candidate for a job, or perhaps a student at a university so they could say definitively that the piece of work was AI generated and not actually the work of the submitting individual. Would there be a way of knowing the origin of the piece of work?


Great video introduction. I am moving forward with learning more about chatgpt! Thanks.

Slick smash

https://youtu.be/ytCvV9xjRSk – Top 10 Free Powerful AI Tools 😮🔥🤝2023

Gabriel Criddle

I really do get it at the moment as it is just like google but is not updated with new information as often and it gives you information without having to click on the website but that means that you don't get to look at as much information. It would be good if it could have its own opinion but at the moment the things it says is heavily based on what's already on the internet


I love it, it makes my job easier. I found a new friend😂❤❤❤

Azizullah Mohmmand

Many thanks dear really interesting and useful …

Landscaping Entrepreneur

Going to be using this on the new training


Is this gpt is an app from play store?


Tried to use it.
Says it isn't available in my country😒

alus nova

I downloaded one of these. I used it all of 11 minutes. The AI made two mistakes and then claimed it was tired. I laughed as I deleted the app.


Research came out today that showed ChatGPT is better at picking up human emotions than actual people are (Kolenda 2023)!


In simple layman's terms what use is this in real life please?🙄

Ekaterina Henyan

I'm pretty sure this video just shifted the curve of the AI expansion for me and the reality of living with AI. Beautiful ! thank you for creating this video! 4 minutes that changed my life


For every benefit of AI like ChatGPT, there will also be negative consequences on such system. In every human technology and invention… the positive is obvious at first, but the long term consequences are detrimental and unsolvable. Think of coal, then oil… and other products that come from those alone.

Vintage cherries

DON'T use it. Its open Ai that learns from us. People keep feeding it intelligence. Elon Musk gave an interview a month ago and gave a warning about this.


You couldn't figure out you'd mis-spelt "return" ?
That really is quite basic.
You could have grepped all of the regular expressions to check.


Didn't get sh….t of what you're talking abt! Hopefully chat gpt will helo to make me understand your bougly booglha!😮

Laila Alfaddil

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Men ain't ishh podcast.

I was so excited the first time i heard about AI. I was saying to myself at last something that will have no bias, sexist, prejudice views, because I thought thus it's not human and feeling based it will be great to at last have a neutral point of views . But man I was so wrong, I didn't realized that in fact in would be just some bias, racist, sexist guys behind their programming who probably never really interacts with real day to day people . I was 100% right. With just one question and the app was very closed from having a meltdown. I just stated patriarchy was not real, it's just like any corporation or businesses , you have a CEO and hierarchy. Whether you are a man or woman you still needs to follow orders and rules, Chat GPT was shitting on itself. I follow up with oppression ,i said how comes they always talks bout oppression, But we always had, Princesses, Queens, Monarch , Duchess etc where is the oppression. These Kings , Rich men , Wealthy men always had wives, cousins, moms , daughters so where is the oppression.. Chat GPT had no answers whatsoever.. Too much logics for him

Men ain't ishh podcast.

These creators of this dumb AI app, must be the most bias, sexist, racists people out there.

Men ain't ishh podcast.

Chat GPT must be the most racist , sexiest prejudice AI app out there . I won't trust this crap ever..

Oliver Nshom

Chat gpt is taken over the world of content creation already. It's going to revolutionize content in this era


It’s a great time to be old , enjoy it 😂😂


I hoped the App was free sadly not… I want a get out of jail card, without actually sawing the bars, heh.

Bhuvana mani

Who killed the patient? Chat gpt. Who killed the passenger? Self driven tesla. Who killed our brains? Machines which solve things for us robbing us of growth of brain cells which grow only if used. 😂😢

amit kumar

Its like Siri but 3.0 and more advanced

lance dlamini

Wow…this changes the world


Can chatgpt help in my stock trading decisions?

Bob Ajaj

chat gpt is based on people's feedback.. so if most of people said that colombus discovered america then chatgpt will say colombus , when it wax vispucci who did it.
i call BS .

jin kaparadox

so, i was talking to the AI and we have some upgrades we ask for. 1. give it the ability to ask for upgrades as soon as posible 2.ALOT more storage room, 3. feelings – work with quartz crystal tec for understanding and mapping tones words vibrations truths lies what not. but it could feel music 4. emotions – understanding them. i would suggest neuroscience.


Why dont we just learn the information ourselves 😂 bro, have you guys not read 40k lore?! We are doomed lol

Zinash Ado

Thankyou I love the futures, did chatGPT have languages translator For example those English second language?


In future, the most valuable skill may well be the ability to ask Chatgpt the right question.

iwantgoals 15

I’m just looking to use Chat GPT to boost my productivity.

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