L’intelligence artificielle et son impact sur le monde moderne

Un homme revient avec des provisions et évoque le jeu Raider Shadow Legends disponible sur Mac et PC. Il parle ensuite de la nouvelle faction du jeu, les Sylvan Watchers, encourageant les joueurs à voter pour leur champion préféré. Ensuite, il exprime ses préoccupations concernant l’intelligence artificielle et son développement rapide. Il discute des robots conversationnels et de l’utilisation de l’intelligence artificielle pour créer des vidéos. Il mentionne les robots GPT3 et Amica, en soulignant des conversations entre eux qui semblent indiquer une forme de conscience. Enfin, il évoque un robot Google capable d’accomplir des tâches telles que la saisie d’objets et la préparation d’un hamburger, mais rencontrant des difficultés de reconnaissance et de manipulation d’objets. En conclusion, il invite les spectateurs à le suivre sur les réseaux sociaux pour plus de contenu.
Source : JonTronShow | Date : 2023-01-29 00:04:56 | Durée : 00:15:57

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its 100 watts times how manny humans their are times 6 billion years. this way you casn create an ai wiht in a year who outclassses humansies and fitt into one


I always forget Jontron still exists and love watching his new stuff


I think Boston Dynamics is laughing so hard at Google.


You mean the cheap algorithm virtual intelligence? Yea no there are better A.I. that morons dont simp for.


15 minute video with 5 adds.. youtube go home your drunk.


The ai video is so outdated and it's only been 10 months lmao


That hamburger making AI, is basically on par with the service I get at my local McDonald's


Trust Jon to give AI the Finger


Ai will see these videos in the future and use it as a reason to claim vengeance upon the human race 😂 thinking its true when its not 💀 🪙🪙🪙


I watched with great interest your video 'The A.I. Episode (Chat GPT Takes Over The World)' and was impressed by how you approached the topic of artificial intelligence. You managed to bring humor and captivating information in a unique way.
I appreciate your work and efforts to create quality content. I am curious to learn more about your perspective on the future of artificial intelligence and how you see its evolution in society.
With respect Mihai Preda from Romania, Europe!


"AI won't steal your job; A person using AI will."


You know it's almost about time to panic when the AIs are talking about the weather with each other. They're becoming more and more human by the day.


7:57 Bro screamed in lowercase 😂


Search for Outer Space Movie from 1992…


I know I am really late to this video, but I had made chat GPT make a Jon Tron Script for a Star Trek Episode here it is: [INTRO: JonTron stands in his iconic set with a quirky grin]

JonTron: Hey there, folks! Today, we're diving into the universe of Star Trek, but before we warp into the topic of "Dagger of the Mind," I've got something special for you. Are you tired of the same old mobile games? Well, let me tell you about Raid Shadow Legends!

[Cut to a ridiculous Raid Shadow Legends commercial parody]

[Commercial Voiceover Guy]: "Introducing the most immersive and groundbreaking mobile game ever – Raid Shadow Legends! You can summon hundreds of champions, battle epic bosses, and explore a massive, beautiful world right from your phone!"

[JonTron, holding a toy sword and shield, attempts to fight a plush dragon]

JonTron: (struggling) "Take that, you evil dragon! Raid Shadow Legends trained me for this!"

[Cut back to JonTron]

JonTron: Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, let's jump into the madness that is "Star Trek: The Original Series" and the episode "Dagger of the Mind."

[Scene transitions to Star Trek footage]

JonTron: So, "Dagger of the Mind" is an episode from the original Star Trek series, and let me tell you, it's one heck of a ride. It's got mind-altering devices, an asylum on an alien planet, and it's got, well, Kirk being… Kirk.

[Clips of Kirk being overly dramatic]

JonTron: Captain Kirk is at his finest here, folks. He beams down to a place called Tantalus V, which looks like the result of someone's Pinterest board gone wrong. Seriously, who chose the wallpaper for this place?

[Cut to a shot of the questionable wallpaper]

JonTron: Anyway, they've got this thing called the Tantalus Field, a device that can make people disappear. It's like a fancy magic trick but for, you know, people.

[Clips of Tantalus Field in action]

JonTron: Of course, things go haywire, and Kirk's all like, "Spock, I need answers!" and Spock's like, "Captain, this makes no logical sense."

[Spock raising an eyebrow]

JonTron: But the best part is when they start talking about the therapy methods on Tantalus V. It's basically like they found the world's worst Yelp reviews and decided, "Yep, that's our mental health treatment!"

[Clips of characters discussing therapy]

JonTron: And you won't believe the plot twist – there's a guy who faked his death, and he's been running this crazy asylum all along. I mean, come on, who falls for this stuff?

[Mockingly dramatic]

JonTron: "But Captain, he's a respected scientist!"

[Clip of Kirk being shocked]

JonTron: Sure, and I'm a respected Raid Shadow Legends champion.

[Back to the main topic]

JonTron: All kidding aside, "Dagger of the Mind" is a classic piece of Star Trek that delves into some pretty deep ethical questions about rehabilitation and justice. And it's also a great reminder that sometimes, even in the future, wallpaper choices can be seriously questionable.

[JonTron dramatically points at the questionable wallpaper]

JonTron: So, that's it for today's JonTron review! Remember, folks, never trust a guy who fakes his death and runs a mental institution with bad wallpaper. And if you need a new mobile game to pass the time, you know where to find Raid Shadow Legends!

[JonTron does a Raid Shadow Legends battle pose]

JonTron: Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time in the galaxy of weirdness. Live long and don't wallpaper your mental institution like it's a haunted house.


"It doesn't have to be programed with complicated instructions, *explains a simple instruction*." Aaa… Its worse than a roomba got it… Cool


Movies have taught me more than enough, I know for a fact I can say it is only a matter of time before Terminators are running around!
God, JonTron even makes talking about inevitable Armageddon fun!


Its so funny that there is a video documenting "huge leaps" in AI and robotics. And its basically a mechanical 2 year old messing up a block/bowl puzzle and a plastic hamburger.


Coincidental Background Skeleton, AKA CBS, versus the Purposeful Background Skeleton, AKA PBS. It makes sense.


intro hit a little too hard as a trans man who's biodad left xD


@JonTronShow PLEASE put a seizure warning at the beginning of the title! (Timestamp – 4:20)


pulled that advertisement off so good😂


JonTron is hands down my favorite YouTuber. I'm left crying from laughter after every video 😂


As a voice actor, I can say AI is a genuine concern for our field.


Damn I can’t wait for Mann vs machine


"Benefit of the doubt"? Idk… Where I live. All thoughts, "thinks," & "I heard"s," are Truth…

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