Le règne de Gemini : la décadence de GPT-4?

L’annonce de Google vient de présenter Gemini, un nouveau modèle d’intelligence artificielle. Gemini se décline en trois versions : Ultra, Pro et Nano, chacune adaptée à des fonctions spécifiques. Il est conçu pour être multimodal, lui permettant de fusionner diverses sortes de données telles que le texte, le code, l’audio, les images et les vidéos.

Des tests ont révélé que, dans la majorité des cas, Gemini Ultra surpasse son prédécesseur, GPT-4. Cependant, des améliorations restent à apporter, surtout dans la génération d’images.

Gemini Pro est d’ores et déjà disponible dans certains produits et applications, avec des plans pour une disponibilité plus large ultérieurement. Des améliorations sont également envisagées pour l’assistant intelligent Bard, qui devrait être compatible avec Gemini Ultra dès l’an prochain.

Malgré ces progrès, des inquiétudes émergent quant à l’origine des données d’entraînement de Gemini et les mesures de protection contre les abus et les biais. Néanmoins, l’introduction de Gemini représente une avancée significative dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle, plaçant potentiellement Google sur un pied d’égalité avec d’autres acteurs majeurs du secteur.
Source : Matt Wolfe | Date : 2023-12-07 00:50:11 | Durée : 00:24:46

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how do i download or get this?


with all the data owned by Google, Gemini will prevail


By next year GPT 5 will be out


guess grade school teachers just got put on the chopping block with the auto factory workers. can grade papers, teach with much higher levels of accuracy and never get tired.


nice explanation keep tit up just like goole


Wow 😮 Knight Rider is here 😂


As soon as you said Google, I lost interest. I don't trust ANY Google products, so thank you for clarifying


One of the areas that all of these AI's always seem to perform poorly with comes out when you ask a question about Human History or Historical events…major facts..dates, who etc often are wrong. It's odd..you'd think it would be the best-performing category.


Remember making pictures using teletype? Wanted a cat
Gemini tried but failed. Chatgpt could not even try.


I liked chatgpt, but now love Gemini as primary


META-Raybans? I wouldn't urinate on a Mark Zuckerberg product if it were on fire. Thanks but no thanks.


It’s the cost. I ain’t using it. Back to ChatGPT for free or $20. I guess Gemini will have 50 users. No one is interested at that price. Kidding me.


I miss those days of slapping a TV on the side of the wooden veneered boxes they were housed in.
We too had human interaction with technology in the 80s….lol
Oh, and great music too ..😁🫢🇬🇧


So Gemini;s aims is to be better than CHatGPT ? Yeah its Google vs Microsoft as long as we will have access to premium feature its game on


Wrong. ChatGPT is way ahead than Google's Gemini.


cannot register, could be , too much new year traffic snarls




enione knows the url to acces gemini pro? I can't belive the AI of google does not appear in aggoogle search


The blue duck has got to be a Billy Madison reference right?


They stopped ChatGPT and Bard from writing complete essays or long stories. It will only give you an outline of ideas that can be used to write a paper, story, blog post, essay, etc. You can summarize documents and webpages and write a full summary of them. Simply put, they're not allowing people to use artificial intelligence to do all the work.


Google was working on this like 10 years ago. My girlfriend was working at the University of Alberta with a character called Elmo doing the same exact exact same thing for Google back then they were trying to teach the Internet to recognize a fork a spoon what material is with the color of it this is not new.


Lmbo. How the heck does it fail at math!!?? Lol


Nope. Sorry but still a baby compared to GPT4. Now imagine when GPT5 comes out 🙂 😅


Lol. You guys are so halarious. But what else can you expect from posers pretending to art?


3 "actually"s in 7 seconds, yikes! 8:37 Cmon Matt you have tools to fix your persistent crutch.


Look, I am not trying to be obtuse here but given ChatGPT's recent downgrade and sh!tty responses this isn't much to boast about- yeah The image recognition and response is bang on quickly recognizing and adding context is amazing! Hell I am blown away, but do understand my skepticism given that just a few months ago google presenters stood Infront of a crowd of Journalists "uhm-ing and ahhm-ing" their way till their presentation was done. To a simpleton like me this is AMAZING! It's up to the clever people to tear Gemini apart. Do understand- as impressive as this demo is this is still coming from a company secretly collecting and storing Millions of people's data. It's still CREEPY AS HELL and thus I will STILL NOT TRUST GOOGLE!


You can turn Bard Activity off

If you don’t want future conversations reviewed or used to improve machine-learning models, turn off Bard ActivityOpens in a new window.


In real time.. impressive. 10 years from now 🚀 🎆


Surely this must now qualifiy as AGI. We are there now


I think you are genuine and you produce honest , good quality content, which is why I subscribed. and watch your every video. There are now already too many wanna be AI youtubers overnight , with click-baity sensationalistic titles. I dont think you need that.


I am an expert with Java. Looking at your example it does not even mention Dunkin Donuts Java. I am very disappointed. with that said, let’s all get naked!!!!!


Until now, Bard is limited only to 40 languages and my language is not included on the list…


It's total crap in translating from English to another language e.g. Macedonian. It provide false prompt that can translate, actually cannot. Still I will stick to ChatGPT.


I do lot of maths and coding for my day to day work. Bards image recognition is game changer but still it's making more mistakes than GTP. I asked bard to write down code for creating a graph based upon image, it gave me the code but with bugs then I put that code into GPT and asked it to fix it. It happened multiple times.


New subscriber and found this very informative. Thank you and looking forward to seeing more

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