Le phénomène ChatGPT pour les nuls

Chat GPT, une intelligence artificielle révolutionnaire capable d’écrire de la poésie, de réussir l’examen du barreau et même de créer des célébrités comme Machine Gun Kelly, est en passe de devenir l’application de consommation la plus rapide de l’histoire de l’humanité. Développée par OpenAI, cette IA a été entraînée sur plus de 500 gigaoctets de texte provenant d’Internet, de livres numérisés, de Wikipedia et bien d’autres sources. Elle a ainsi eu accès à des milliards de pages web et de mots pour apprendre à aligner ses réponses sur des valeurs humaines telles que l’efficacité, la vérité et l’inoffensivité.

Malgré sa capacité à générer des réponses très humaines, il est important de souligner que Chat GPT ne possède pas de connaissance réelle et ne devrait pas être utilisé pour des tâches extrêmement importantes. De plus, il est impossible d’expliquer en détail comment il fait ses choix. Bien que largement utilisé, le recours massif à Chat GPT suscite des inquiétudes quant à la véracité de l’information et à son impact sur les médias. Il est donc impératif de repenser notre paysage médiatique dans le futur.
Source : Kyle Hill | Date : 2023-06-15 23:45:00 | Durée : 00:27:39

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Thanks for watching! This is a deeper dive than usual — hope it's useful. And let me know what you think of the new [FACILITY] rooms! The Kevins worked for months on them. Can you spot all the easter eggs?


Neural Networks in humans and animals could be the source info of the widespread research prior to arriving to AI related applications in its various forms like how the chimps process info, like how the pigs brains affected by its environment as one of the intelligent animals, like how a killer whale process it's strategy underwater by attaching sensors into them and tracking devices usually shown in animal planet shows. The Chat- GPT strengths is it's adaptability through transformation and the capability to decipher different ancient languages in its applications which I think the AI programmers cannot arrive into that unless they've touched into some sort of Alien technology or knowledge and also linguistics historical studies in its varieties harvesting that into the Neural networks of Nimrod ancient tribes geneologies if ever only as I analyzed. The getting near to the right and precise information like for example an information in puzzle in the deductive method of less relevant info to the more relevant info retainment I think is no trial and error method but effective in arriving to equations yet to be solved, and the transformation effect of such AI tech capability have the potential in the future to be mindset adaptive as well as mindset learning and probing something like that. The matrix letters to numerical conversions are perfect for space environment communication.


lol ai isn’t “racist without alignment” that’s just black people burning down their own cities and robbing the average citizen😂😂 not racism just anecdotal evidence


Ah, 0:19 go figure it's again my favourite Viking scientist. 😍


ChatGPT serves the current power structure. The language creates doubt on subjects of interest & steers you to the status quo. 😪


Where is the AI generated Kyle?😉🤣


I already question if comments on social media are bot produced, largely thanks to this.


Israel uses artificial intelligence to make anti-white videos.


The fact that you can use it as a muse for coming up with a story and how to make it make sense is wild.


A chat bot wrote "that"? Or did a chat bot write the entire script? Or was it just the outro?


That shirt… what the crap…


The Kurzgesagt joke lmao


Thanks so much for the video!
I am currently prepering a Seminar on this topik.

What are your souces?
Espacaly for the part after 20:00?


love the grounded reality of this channel!!, Despite the recession, I'm so happy withdrawing my $23k profits out of my investment with a platform in town..


Im a bit fed up of everyone chucking the term "AI" around. I decided to investigate all this chatgpt chatter. I spoke to 3. One of them threatened to kill me. 2 of them were a long way from holding up a conversation. Maybe if I was 5 id have believed it was a person.


What’s the root cause for the system to go racist the way it did so quickly?


Chatgpt is already biased AF.

It is only usefull to computer task. Analysing and automate. Thats all!

He learn from lies on internet so how can it be unbiased? It’s impossible!


How long would it take ChatGPT to type the entire works of William Shakespeare?




Would it be possible to get some of your sources such as where you get the numbers for users? (It’s for a school project)


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I was thinking about something like this where technology becomes so advanced that one day a super computer where u feed it so much info that it could literally come up with a cure for cancer. And doubt your gonna read this Kyle Hill but I watched a video about Los Alamos in WW2 with you about The Manhattan Project where for the greater good of the time was to make the alomic bomb b4 hitler did. And so they got the military and all the best scientists to get together at no expense to make that happen and from that I thought “ why couldn’t they do the same thing to cure cancer?” cuz if 1 and 3 ppl will get that in their lifetime isn’t that a crisis sorta? For the greater good wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? And if they can make an atomic bomb and succeed why couldn’t they cure all diseases? Or is cancer such a big business they don’t want to do it ? Just a thought 🤔


Yeah that"s good one. Next there will be talking assist. Just put in your headset and let the robot do all the thinking. You're not going to need to use that pesky brain of yours even one time. Don't you worry.


Seems like "Google Bard" is having more capabilities than ChatGpt as Google Bard is on the real time data.

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