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La vidéo présente une introduction à l’intelligence artificielle pour les débutants. Elle explique que l’intelligence artificielle consiste à créer des machines capables d’imiter certaines fonctions du cerveau humain, comme la perception, l’apprentissage et la résolution de problèmes. Elle aborde les différents domaines dans lesquels l’intelligence artificielle est utilisée, tels que la reconnaissance vocale, la vision par ordinateur et les assistants virtuels. Elle souligne également certains enjeux éthiques liés au développement de l’intelligence artificielle. Enfin, la vidéo donne des exemples concrets d’applications de l’intelligence artificielle dans la vie quotidienne, tels que les recommandations de produits sur les sites de commerce en ligne et les voitures autonomes.
Source : Open Letter | Date : 2023-03-29 14:30:13 | Durée : 00:15:36

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Open Letter

Kaisa laga fir video? Jaldi se bata do 👇❤️

Saniya Sachin

Thanks A Million I got nice knowledge from this video and it will help me.


Bro also focus on white side


Bhai video ke beech mai chatgpt ka ad aagya 😂


So every human will live happily?

Asfar Hussain

Why do you always have a problem with positive things

Arpita Dash

I think the way human use this will certainly break the future of humanity

Abha Neel

Wow…amazing bro..your research work and presentation is wow some..keep up the good work 👍

Netech - The Branding StoreTM

Chatgpt is so advance that he have gave me codes for an applications I created in php languages

I have created 4 application using chatgpt

ChatGPT App

ChatGPT is new revolution in AI technology 🎉

Dhrubajyoti Saha

But still don't worry guys!!! AI jitne bhi advanced ho jaye, jaroorat to humans ki hi hogi!!! Iske against ladne k liye!!!! Mark my words!!! Hum humans ko koi AI replace nahi kar sakta!!! Bus hume integrate hona padega!!!!

Karbi People's Channel

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we live and work. It has the potential to be the biggest change in our lifetime and is poised to revolutionize every industry. Despite the many benefits that AI offers, many people are afraid of losing their jobs due to automation. However, instead of being intimidated by AI, it is essential to understand how to make the most of this technology. AI should not be seen as a threat, but rather as a tool that can help us solve problems more efficiently.

AI is the ultimate force multiplier, freeing us from the limitations of human thinking, enabling a new and never before seen level of productivity. Right now, people are paid based on the difficulty of the problems they solve. But with AI, we can solve problems faster and more effectively, making us more valuable to employers. The key is to not try to compete with AI, but to use it to our advantage.

saurav kumar

Brother why you making repetitive contents which are easily available at all other sources..

Learn Indian Classical music🎤🎻

Bard Rampiyari chai aur phucka ka recipe agar de de to hum Bharatiya kaan kat lein😂😂😂😂Rampiyari chai aur phucke ki recipe kisi ko nahin dete.. Bihar jake bheek maange AI, nahin milega..

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