L’application iPhone ChatGPT est OFFICIELLE ! Voici ce que vous devez savoir !

Un résumé en français destiné à des débutants en intelligence artificielle :

Un récent développement dans l’intelligence artificielle a permis de rendre l’application ChatGPT disponible en tant qu’application dédiée pour iPhone, téléchargeable directement depuis l’App Store. Cette vidéo présente une introduction à l’application et met en lumière quelques astuces pour l’utiliser avec son iPhone afin d’obtenir des résultats incroyables. L’application est facile à utiliser et offre des fonctionnalités intéressantes telles que la possibilité de dicter des textes et de répondre à des e-mails de manière rapide et efficace. Cette nouvelle fonctionnalité pourrait potentiellement transformer la façon dont nous utilisons nos appareils iPhone.
Source : Proper Honest Tech | Date : 2023-06-01 15:32:43 | Durée : 00:15:47

➡️ Accéder à CHAT GPT FRANCAIS en cliquant dessus


Proper Honest Tech

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I tried this app in the unpaid version and immediately found myself in an ad for an obnoxious game that I couldn’t get past. Deleted the app immediately.

Sanjay Singh

@ProperHonestTech This app is free for three days only…then it has a US$7.99 a week fee. So, which is the free app?

T. Conner

Nobody likes Friday afternoon meetings!

Ken Ross

Looks Rey interesting BUT it's only offering a FREE trial for 3 days.. otherwise it's a paid subscription..


There are so few iOS got articles that do it so well. Thanks. Pls do more!


Thanks! Would like more about plug-ins and the iOS app

Lo-Fi G.O.A.T.

I would like to know how can i use plug in my phone

Jim Gattis

At his is a great video. Please generate another video on more details of the paid ChatGPT. Thank you for your efforts.


hey fellas i can’t subscribe to any channels this a bug


what a great content! i would love to know which camera and video editor you're using for your contents, thank you so much for sharing.

Duane Dickens

Would the recipe to shopping list work if you asked ChatGPT to get info from the copied URL?

jack farland

Excellent video. I’ve watched a few of yours and liked all of them. Found them useful. I have a paid subscription to chat and consider it’s very worthwhile. I use it a lot for writing advertisements reset my iPad at some information from a profit and loss statement and asked for ways to improve the bottom line of the business. The results were really quite good.


Thanks bro. You got a thumbs up for me for this very useful information. 👍👍👍


Very useful video for the beginners 👍

Mike Hottinger

Very interested in more info re: Plug-ins. Thanks!

Juan Vigay

So does this mean the Apple shortcut s-gpt is dead now ? I’d love content on that

Ralph Hennen

I am experimenting with code generation in Python and others on my Mac. I would like to try this on my iPhone but direct the output elsewhere: iCloud file, email, message. Might this require an app or am I missing something right in front of me? Thanks for your great videos, they’ve really made a difference here.

c m

Brilliant and simple explanations – thank you – looking forward to seeing more about chatgpt


The moment they add Shortcuts support is going to be legendary.

Tera Yahm

I asked AI why I did not have access to microphone to ask it questions and I hot this as reply…(which is not what you said)
“As an AI language model, I am not equipped to receive audio inputs from users. I can only process text-based inputs that are entered through a keyboard or other input devices. However, I am designed to understand natural language and provide responses that are as helpful and informative as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to type them out and I'll do my best to assist you.”

Tera Yahm

I don’t have microphone access

Elías Camacho

It is a pity the app is not optimized for iPad. That’s there, in an iPad, where you can use its potential, since reading and replying an email, or looking for a recipe, is much easier in an iPad screen size.

Mellon Johns

Great video
And thanks for giving us this information
But can’t Siri do these same functions?


About IPhone making call , Iphone has a very annoying feature for users that is to combine all calls with Zalo, Messenger, Viber … together to cause confusion every time want to make a call.

Jaribu Aruba

Thank you for providing this video explaining how to download on my iPhone! This is awesome. I would like to have the paid version, but can't afford it right now. So, I will use the "free" version and hope that it will help with whatever I need a quick answer for. This is a great App and I love what it can do. I can't think of any way at the moment for using it, but if I do, I will let you know. I love watching your videos because you take your time and show how to and I like that! 😊

James Nelson

Great video! Thanks for making my ChatGPT experience even better.

Simplee Drew!

My phone number will not verify on the app and I’m confused. My phone number is legit. Has anyone else had this issue?

Deborah Giles

Great vid. Learned a lot. Just subscribed. Thanks for the info and more on plug-ins, please.

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