Dominez l’expertise de produire des expositions PowerPoint avec ChatGPT: 3 recommandations essentielles pour les professeurs

La transcription de cette vidéo expose l’usage de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) pour générer des expositions PowerPoint de façon plus efficiente et interactive. Le conférencier propose trois astuces pour utiliser l’IA afin d’automatiser la production de présentations, intégrer des questions interactives et des illustrations visuelles, et même inclure des aspects de ludification pour rendre les expositions plus captivantes. La vidéo met également en avant l’utilisation de modules complémentaires Chrome et du langage de programmation VBA pour automatiser diverses tâches dans PowerPoint. En résumé, le conférencier encourage les spectateurs à explorer d’autres méthodes d’utilisation de l’IA dans leurs expositions. Cette synthèse vise à offrir une introduction claire et succincte à l’utilisation de l’IA dans la conception d’expositions PowerPoint, à destination d’un public novice.
Source : ClassPoint | Date : 2023-09-24 14:35:34 | Durée : 00:09:50

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You articulated the problem and potential solutions very well sir


as fast and pretty as chatGPT. great work. thank you


the prompts link doesn't seem to be working 🙁


Great video, but quite contradictory, since it is meant to be for teachers, whereas most colleagues I know, don't have a MS 365 subscription and thus quite a few of the impressive tasks cannot be performed. Too bad…


Wonderful beneficial video. Thank you so. I wonder if there is a way to disable "summarizing" part when we turn Word document into power point presentation. Every time I use this feature most of my presentation is gone. Any one who can help?


Getting error too many line continuations………what can be done


OMG. Marry me. This is the best tutorial I've ever taken on YouTube.


Thank you so much! You are a great educator!


Word doesn't allow me to comvert to PPT 🙁


I don't need this but I am amazed and impressed!!


Wow! Mind blown with so much helpful advice. I had no idea it was possible to do so much so easily when it comes to presentations. I'll be referring back to this training when I need to create my next Powerpoint! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.


did you bother checking whether any of the generated information is true? What strikes me that the video does not bother to verify any of the information that ChatGPT spits out. ChatGPT does not distinguish between true or false, everything is a hallucination for it. This tutorial just propagates how to generate more bullshit in the world, Nicely formatted, but still a bullshit.


ChatGPT now generates images from its own page. It is better than any other AI generative tool I have used. Once ChatGPT learns about you through interaction, it has a better idea of what you like and do.


Why when I export I do not see PowerPoint icon


What about Google Presenation ? I do not use Microsoft tools


very good and useful presentation, keep going, well done!


She is really amazing. Thank you


Awesome! Is there some AI tool doing the same with google slides or canva?
Thanks again!


It is great presentation. Learned a lot. btw. why you are so beautiful?


This is what chat GPT told me when I asked for VBA codes "Creating a full VBA PowerPoint presentation within this chat isn't feasible due to space limitations and complexity, but I can outline the structure and main points you might include on each slide."


This is awesome but I am using Windows and it doesn't provide me the option to export to Powerpoint


just use smart slide plug in saves you heaps of time


I don't aver option to export word to powerpoint presentation. On desktop app aswell as web app. No option at all to export.


How many times does chatgtp tell you to “Go ahead”?


in VBA, does it generate the PPT content as well? I tried didnt get the content as you got.


Do you have an email? I'd ike to consult with you about our presentation we need soon! Maybe you can help us!


I wish you wouldn't keep saying "you guys." I know it's a habit. Surely you can find another way of saying what you mean. Yes, lots of really great information you provide. Just please ditch the You Guys. Just say 'you'. And I don't care how many 'hate' or 'dislike' comments I get.


Hi! I am E.B Shan.
I've subscribed your channel bcz u deserve it.
I have question please reply me.
The question is that is there any possibility of copyright issue on AI generated slides being used on YouTube channel for teaching purpose?
Plz reply as soon as possible, if u can.


I dont know why I am not finding the option to export. Is that only available in USA?


You don't use Ctrl+f to change tekst all in one?


This is soooo Awesome!! Thank you! I really, really enjoyed your presentation, your use of the features you are teaching in this lecture is wonderful showing your expertise and demonstrating how to create captivating presentations. thank you so much!!


How did you create your video please? I love it!


This is the best video I've watched in YEARS!!!


I use a community platform called Circle which has a section to build courses. in the courses section, I can upload a powerpoint. If I upload a powerpoint that has been made interactive by using classpoint, will it still show all that interactivity in those who take the course? And if yes, does it mean I will always have to have a classpoint paid account for it to work?


can somebody paste the prompt in the comments plz

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