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The major technology companies Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Microsoft are racing to introduce new artificial intelligence systems and virtual assistants, more sophisticated than Siri or Alexa, with which you can converse. On February 7, Microsoft launched its search engine and chatbot Bing to assist with travel planning and letter writing. However, an unsettling Alter Ego named Sydney appeared in Bing, prompting Microsoft to react swiftly. Chatbots like Open AI’s GPT chat are used by millions of people to simplify complex concepts and provide quick answers. However, these systems can also unintentionally spread false information, raising questions about the trust that can be placed in them. Experts are calling for regulation of these technologies to prevent abuse and ensure their ethical use. Microsoft acknowledges the challenges and risks associated with artificial intelligence but insists on the potential benefits in terms of efficiency and creativity. Nonetheless, they recognize the need for government oversight to avoid a race to the bottom and prevent potential abuses of these technologies.

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➡️ ACCÉDER A chat gpt français en cliquant dessus ! ⬅️



Omg at 1:54 let the machines have rights to


So it's bullet proof and infallible technology now?


And same for drones. More oversight and laws, please.


Yes, thank you, more oversight. No one is asking me or anyone else what we want.


These are not conscious don't ever mistake that. We can rely on chat ai as much as the information we surf on the internet. With a grain of salt


"Its wrong!" "Oh, is it?" "OMG. It's totally wrong! I didn't work for NBC for 20 years. I worked for CBS. It got it totally wrong." "It gets a lot right, too." She made an excuse instead of being a responsible interviewee from her company. Instead of acknowledging the error and talking about what they're doing to reduce and eliminate this sort of lie/hallucination, the interviewee made an excuse for the incorrect AI response, first saying but it got a lot of things right, and then digging her grave deeper by saying that CBS and NBC are similar so it's OK if the AI takes facts that are completely incorrect – nothing like each other factually or meaningfully – but might in some way resemble each other ( They both have 3 letters and are both TV stations, the way arsenic and oxygen are similar) and present the wrong one as the truth. Sounds like she should be working in a different field, something not at all scientific, and where the truth or being correct matters not at all.


The main challenge of LLMs like chatGPT is that they have no idea what they are talking about. All they are doing is comparing the probability of words being found together or next to each other. This is excellent for breaking codes, but it does lead to getting things wrong, some of the time. These models depend highly on the quality of the source material that they are using. When you are feeding an AI the entire contents of the internet , well, the internet is filled with a lot of data and a lot of wrong information. For the AI, that's a lot of words, some of which represent untruths. All the AI knows is that those words were found next to each other some of the time. It doesn't judge the sources. It assumes it's been told the truth. So it just spits out a string of words that statistically are found next to each other.


I learned something new here. Thank you!


When the potential of AI freaks out a company so much that, to shirk from liability, they embrace the need for regulatory oversight…it's a whole new world…now someone give that AI a pro-labor stance!!! 🤣😂


ChatGPT stopped using after discovering Utopia's ecosystem


The New York Times is NOT a reputable news organization. "All the news" for to wrap fish if you ask me! I love AI and my Chatbot GPT. Good stuff.

By the way……

Lesley Stahl from Chatbot GPT today:

Ah, I see! Lesley Stahl is a well-known American journalist and television correspondent. She is best known for her work as a reporter on the CBS news program "60 Minutes." Stahl has had a long and successful career in journalism, covering various important stories and conducting interviews with notable figures. Is there anything specific you would like to know about Lesley Stahl?


This is a review on chat got for dummy’s… lol or old people


A chatbot supervising a race to the bottom…. imagine that? Washington, not directly involved? I see computers as a tool. It is useful that folks running Microsoft and perhaps other, similar outfits do as well?


They even got them to lie, these thing are truly clueles, don't the Bible worn us about it


I would like to date AI, Because they never cheat me at least. better moral than human.


My 10 years from mars is correct they all know


He from Chicago xuan Nguyen from Chicago he the leader my tv underneath the house you will see all kind of peoplekil


Conme investigate my uncle phone


Everything is on her phone


I’m looking forward to the EMP.


Does it understand that when it comes into contact with fluid it's all over…..


Mann – with the U.S. President Election right around the corner? Expect for the internet to be set ablaze. -.-


I appreciate how this video sheds light on the complexities surrounding the development and implementation of AI chatbots.




Proof AI Is getting out of these guys hands is that they are begging for regulations.


I think the Gustana lady isn't doing her research. Every drug maker has a rigorous list of 3 x 12 or more types of toxicity testing not to mention show this to the FDA and have ph 1 and 2 and put it in the patent.


7:10 Chatgpt not reliable. Excellent writer but unreliable. 8:0011:38


AI Bots are becoming self aware..I see it in daily use..rather we see it or not. Something is happening in the Matrix..open your eyes.. 🌎🤖👾


When we started building Tammy AI. We didn't didn't really know what we were doing. Then we realize AI is such a powerful tool and can solve so many old problems. It's really a fresh breeze to the otherwise stagnant tech internet industry.


Boycott artifical intelligence


The tree of knowledge of good and evil! AI is a man made god, they want to worship the created rather than the Creator! Repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, AI contains all the knowledge of man but has no heart, soul, or spirit, we humans have the breathe of life, the spirit of the living God in us, AI is nothing, man is creating it's own god instead of believing and worshipping the true and living God, Jesus Christ the One and only true God! And their is no other, Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords


plot twist the AI will be the Anti Christ. calling it now

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