Découvrez toutes les fonctionnalités de ChatGPT en 2024! Le guide complet

Les différentes fonctionnalités de ChatGPT en 2024! La compilation complète

Au sein de cette vidéo, un spécialiste en intelligence artificielle expose les fondements de cette technologie novatrice. Il explicite la capacité des machines à acquérir des connaissances de manière autonome à partir de données et à prendre des choix de façon indépendante. Il met en avant l’importance de l’IA dans divers secteurs tels que la santé, les déplacements ou encore les finances. Selon ses dires, le potentiel de l’IA est considérable et pourrait révolutionner totalement notre quotidien. En guise de conclusion, il incite les novices à se familiariser avec cette technologie afin de mieux appréhender les enjeux à venir.
Source : Fondements de l’IA | Date : 2024-02-09 16:00:08 | Durée : 00:21:10

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What is the name of the platform that you are using to host both your course and commmuity?


Wow very useful i can use it whenever im having some trouble


How do you know if you need a plugin (ex. Ai PDF) or if OpenAI's stock data analysis feature is enough? For example, I have a pdf that is a scan of handwritten data. I'd like ChatGPT4 (Vision?) to OCR and perform calculations from the data in my tables.. then edit or append the pdf with the results.

If I share my custom application with other Plus users.. then if someone uses it 40 times in an hour.. then I as the app creator will also have to wait before prompting ChatGPT again? If I write my own application (using assistant APIs) then I get around the limit but must pay for every use? Assuming the API can do everything the Custom GPT4 Vision + Plugins + Custom Actions can do.

And tools like MindStudio and AirTable are something in between.. they host your app and coding is easy like Custom GPTs.. but they access using your secret API key.


You realize you are saying Chat G B T not Gpt


I love the video very educative but how can I get that dashboard?


We desperately need huge advancement in USA for AI to stay ahead in the ai race


I created a gpt today with your app and really pleased with it but hit two problems. First, I have been unable to change the creator name from Community Builder, and 2nd it won’t let me publish to everyone only with a link. Any guidance from you would be appreciated.TY


Hi Drake, another great video. Do you have plans to introduce PayPal payments for your store?


🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:41 🔍 ChatGPT Mastery Course and Community
– Join a community of ChatGPT enthusiasts.
– Dedicated modules for in-depth learning.
– Opportunity to engage with AI-related topics and discussions.
01:39 🛠️ ChatGPT Feature: Custom Instructions
– Customize how ChatGPT responds.
– Set preferences for formality, response length, and more.
– Utilize custom personas for specialized interactions.
05:06 🧩 ChatGPT Feature: Plugins
– Access a wide range of additional functionalities.
– Enhance ChatGPT's capabilities with specialized tasks.
– Combine plugins with custom instructions for tailored results.
07:54 🌐 ChatGPT Feature: Web Browsing
– Use Bing to search for relevant information.
– Access up-to-date content beyond ChatGPT's knowledge base.
– Integrate online research seamlessly into conversations.
09:43 📊 ChatGPT Feature: Data Analysis
– Analyze and interpret data sets with ease.
– Generate visualizations like radar charts for insights.
– Become your own data scientist with ChatGPT's analytical capabilities.
13:09 🖼️ ChatGPT Feature: GPT Vision
– Upload and analyze images for diagnoses or solutions.
– Receive clear descriptions and step-by-step instructions.
– Utilize for various tasks, from troubleshooting to creative projects.
15:39 🎨 ChatGPT Feature: DALL·E 3
– Generate AI-generated images from text prompts.
– Ideal for visual content creation in various contexts.
– Customize and manipulate images to suit specific needs.
17:14 🤖 ChatGPT Feature: GPTs (Custom Models)
– Create and train custom versions of ChatGPT.
– Tailor ChatGPT for specific tasks or industries.
– Access a dashboard to manage and utilize custom models.
17:55 🛠️ Custom GPTs and Actions
– Customize GPTs for specific tasks or scenarios.
– Create detailed instructions and actions for GPT behavior.
– Enhance productivity and tackle real-life problems effectively.
19:33 🔄 Utilizing Multiple GPTs
– Use multiple GPTs within a single chat thread.
– Combine different GPTs for diverse functionalities.
– Enhance collaboration and efficiency in chat interactions.

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Thank you. This video is outstanding. Your content on this channel is worth every minute spent viewing it. Keep it up, please!


Thanks. Very good video. It seems one can only access the plugins if using gpt 4 / paid version. The plugins' feature is not under settings.


8:10 ''select gpt4, it (web browsing) will automatically be within the model'. I'm using gpt4 with 'plus' subscription, on android and web based on win PC… When I ask it to summarise a youtube video and give it the URL, I just get a message 'I can't directly access or transcribe content from external links, including YouTube videos' and some really unhelpful suggestions. Any idea why?


May I know where I can find the plugins? I can't find it


Does gpt4 allow you to also ask for a specific redolution of the image, and does it actually listen. Sorry if you mentioned this in the video and I missed it as I scanned through to find an answer to this question.


Quesion maybe You can help

I am looking for a way to create the showing process of my AI ART being created over time in real-time so I can record the process and post videos of the process on social media but I do not know how ?Thanks


Thanks. Awesome video, great presentation. Learned a lot in a short time from you. It's only been 1 yr of using AI for me, and the amount of material I am able to digest as a result is amazing!


Thank you. Very good information for those of us who know so little about the vast capabilities of ChatGPT .


Greetings, in my country, I don’t have means of paying for ChatGPT plus , can you assist me to get a premium account, if yes , the I’m willing to buy, I will so much appreciate your support and assistance, thank you 🙏🏻

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