Comment duper le Chat GPT avec une pensée non linéaire #chatgpt

Un chat AI appelé GPT, conçu pour imiter les interactions humaines, a été soumis à une question sur le temps que mettraient neuf serviettes à sécher si trois serviettes mettent trois heures à sécher sur la corde à linge. Le chat AI a répondu que cela prendrait neuf heures pour que neuf serviettes sèchent, en expliquant que le temps de séchage est directement proportionnel au nombre de serviettes. Cependant, la véritable relation est constante et le temps de séchage reste le même, quel que soit le nombre de serviettes. Cette réponse met en évidence la manière dont les humains et les chatbots peuvent interagir de manière similaire, même si la logique sous-jacente est différente.

Source : The Royal Institution | Date : 2023-09-13 18:29:50 | Durée : 00:01:00

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Mans mouth is so dry 🙁


Chat GPT just doesn't understand the question properly. It's not trying to be more Human.


Ai chatbots best mate is a tumble dryer


Well, I just aske ChatGPT this question and it answered correctly, and even presented the mathematic formula.


You are assuming the line is long enough for 9 towels, chat gpt is assuming the line is only long enough for 3 towels at a time. We have no way of knowing which assumption is correct, or if either of them is. Maybe the line is long enough for 4 towels at a time. Without showing us or chat gpt the length of the line we just have to make an assumption or ask a question. If I were chat gpt, I would have asked a follow up question of how long the line is and how wide the towels are.


You only established that a minimum of 3 towels can fit on the line. AI is just a tool, you are using it wrong. You can make the same mistake with a calculator.


This is what ChatGTP answered me;


Why is this a ted talk, this is useless


Pascal seems have lost his french accent.


Calculator will never be wrong…its just that human use it incorrectly


the narrator didnt say that the towels were hung to dry separately on the same line, tho'. They could have been placed in a clump which would have led to the assumption that 9 hours would be the drying time.


It takes 9 months for one female engineer to produce one baby. How many female engineers does it take to produce one baby in one month?


He's giving Chat GPT way too much credit if he thinks it is acting dumb to mimic humans. On the other hand if his clothing line is only three towels wide, then Chat GPT is correct.


At least ChatGPT gave you and answer. The average person who comes from a public school would just stare at you then ask if they were hung on the line by 1 or 9 LGBT people or 9 republicans.


And it would be the correct answer if there only fit 3 clothes on the rack at any given time. He should have specified that it's actually long enough to have several clothes on there


Perhaps it did with earlier versions but AI needs to learn and improve like us. I asked Chat GPT to work out a complicated Excel function for me yesterday and it gave it to me in seconds saving me a lot of time.

On the towels, this is what Chat GPT told me:


if it takes 3 towels 3 hours to dry. How long will it take 9 towels to dry?


The time it takes for towels to dry is not directly proportional to the number of towels, assuming they are dried under the same conditions (like in an open air, a dryer, etc.). In your scenario, if 3 towels take 3 hours to dry, it primarily depends on the drying capacity and space available.

If you have enough space or drying capacity to dry 9 towels at once without overcrowding, it would still take 3 hours to dry all 9 towels.

If the drying space or method can only handle 3 towels at a time, then you would dry them in batches, and it would take 3 hours per batch. So for 9 towels, it would take 3 batches, which is 3 hours per batch, totaling 9 hours.

The key factor is whether the drying condition for one towel is affected by the presence of additional towels. If each towel dries independently (enough space, air circulation, etc.), then the time remains constant. If not, the time increases with the number of towels.


The reason ChatGPT got this "wrong" is because it's assuming only 3 towels fit on the line. If you provide it with the length of the line and the length of each towel, it will properly understand that more towels will fit on the line.


do we have sufficient air exchange that the additional towels won;t raise the relative humidity or create localised shade or wind breaks?


No. If you don’t specify how many towels can fit on your line, it will assume 3 is the maximum. That’s your fault for not specifying.


I got this question on an exam as a kid, if it takes 5min to cook 1 egg, how long do you have to cook 3 eggs? I had never cooked eggs before, so I awnsered 15min. If you dont know any better like..?


this video reminded me that I forgot to hang out my laundry. go figure


I like to correct Chat GPT and explain the answer.


another one using 3.5 instead of 4, so many ignorant people playing with ChatGPT and taking hasty conclusions from it


He’s wrong. Just tried on both GPT 3.5 and 4 multiple times and got the correct answers


Here is your prompt translated to English:
"If I have a clothesline where many towels can hang at the same time, and it is known that it takes three hours to hang three towels, how long does it take to dry 9 towels?"

And here is my response translated to English:
"The question about drying towels on a clothesline seems to be a mathematical problem, but crucial information is missing to make a correct calculation. We need the time it takes to hang one towel, or information about how the time to hang towels scales with the number of towels. Without this information, we cannot determine how long it takes to hang 9 towels.

However, if it is the case that hanging three towels always takes three hours, regardless of whether you hang them simultaneously or one by one, then hanging 9 towels would also take three hours, assuming you have enough space on the clothesline to hang them all at once."


Computers are very prices machines, if you don't give them a precise question, you cannot expect a precise answer. If you explain to chat gpt that you can paralel dry them, or that you can only fit 3 at a time, then you'll get a proper answer.


If it takes 3 hours for 3 towels to dry on a line equally spread apart, where the towels are 2 feet wide and the line is 12 feet long, then how long will it take to dry 6 towels?


To determine how long it will take to dry 6 towels under the same conditions, let's first understand the scenario with 3 towels:

Space Occupied by 3 Towels: Each towel is 2 feet wide, so 3 towels occupy






3×2=6 feet of the line.

Remaining Line Length: The total line length is 12 feet, so the unused portion is





12−6=6 feet.

Drying Time for 3 Towels: It takes 3 hours.

Now, for 6 towels:

If 3 towels occupy 6 feet, 6 towels will occupy






6×2=12 feet, which is the entire length of the line.

Since the drying time for 3 towels spread equally was 3 hours, and now the line is fully utilized without any change in the drying conditions, the time to dry 6 towels will also be 3 hours.

Thus, it will take 3 hours to dry 6 towels.


Well you didn’t give it the context that it could fit more towels, it assumed the line could only fit 3 towels at a time


My brain…
1. How long is the line
2. How many towels can be on the line at a time?
3. How sunny is it?
4. Do I get a lunch break?


These "tests" ya'll do are teaching it faster


And they say these platforms are as deductively capable than humans?


In fact it's not completely without matter how many towels you dry. It just needs to be so many, that you change the local weather and raise the humidity and it will take longer.


ChatGPT gave the correct human logic answer. (for most people anyway.)


I would say…. Some humans answer with 9 hours 😂😂😂


Actually if you ask chat gPT the correct way he says the time does not change cause it takes the smae time to draw anynumber of towels you could put on the drawer. It's simply a question being put in the wrong way. If you ask it like that one might think youa have to use 3 hours every 3 towels cause the drawer can only dry 3 at a time. It answers explaining this. if you add " 9 OTHER towels" and " on the SAME drwaer" it answers correctly


chatGPT: The time it takes for towels to dry is not necessarily dependent on the number of towels, assuming they are all drying in the same conditions and not impacting each other's drying process (for example, by being stacked together or overcrowding a drying space).

if its on the internet then it is true

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