Comment apprendre n’importe quelle langue GRATUITEMENT et rapidement en utilisant ChatGPT

Résumé journalistique :

La transcription de cette vidéo YouTube parle de l’utilisation de Chat GPT pour apprendre les langues de manière efficace. L’auteur explique que les applications d’apprentissage des langues comme Duolingo, Babbel et Busuu sont très populaires, mais qu’elles ont des limites sur leurs versions gratuites.

Dans la vidéo, l’auteur partage neuf façons d’utiliser Chat GPT gratuitement pour apprendre une nouvelle langue le plus rapidement possible. Il mentionne l’utilisation de prompts pour demander des phrases essentielles dans une langue spécifique, avec des traductions et des instructions de prononciation.

Il souligne également l’importance de la prononciation dans l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue et montre comment Chat GPT peut aider à cet égard en fournissant des instructions de prononciation pour des mots ou des phrases spécifiques.

L’un des problèmes de l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue est le manque de pratique réelle, mais grâce à des extensions Chrome et à l’application mobile Chat GPT, il est possible de communiquer vocalement avec Chat GPT et d’obtenir une rétroaction en temps réel.

L’auteur propose des extensions Chrome comme Voice Wave et Voice Control pour ajouter la voix à Chat GPT, permettant ainsi de parler directement à l’application et d’obtenir des réponses audio.

L’auteur mentionne également l’utilisation de Chat GPT sur mobile, en expliquant comment configurer l’accessibilité sur iOS et Android pour utiliser Chat GPT avec la fonction de lecture vocale. L’application Chat GPT permet également d’avoir des conversations complètes en utilisant la fonction de dictée.

En conclusion, l’auteur encourage les débutants en intelligence artificielle à utiliser Chat GPT de manière optimale pour apprendre une nouvelle langue. Il fournit également un lien vers une feuille de triche contenant des prompts et des outils pour faciliter l’apprentissage.

Ce résumé vise à informer les débutants en intelligence artificielle sur les possibilités d’apprentissage des langues avec Chat GPT et offre des conseils pratiques pour utiliser cette technologie de manière efficace et gratuite.
Source : Dr Alex Young | Date : 2023-06-25 09:00:16 | Durée : 00:12:07

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eduardo brandao

best video about chatGPT to learn languages!! Thanks, from Brazil

z w e i . g u t e . g r ü n d e

"quickly as possible" – find the mistake

John Griffiths

I'm sure there is a moutain of information in this video but unfortunatley you are talking way to fast for me. 🥲


Thanks for your program 🎉


I love using ChatGPT for learning chinese. Whenever I have trouble understanding characters with really slight differences in meaning, it comes in super handy! It really spares me the hassle of going through different dictionaries definitions, and it provides endless example sentences adapted to my level 👌 Definitely a must have during a language journey


Slow down and take a breath.

Joseph Jang

What worked for me was saving a bunch of presets in GPT playground so I don't have to type every time and just using apps like Duolingo and Fluenti on the side whenever I wanted a more do-it-for-me experience.


Imo this is terrible lol. Text-to-speech sucks, just use YouGlish(bunch of languages) or Immersion Kit(Japanese), these also give you audio and sentences to use for your Anki cards which is something people neglect too much. Also smh people still putting too much emphasis on speaking early. I mean if you wanna do that, fine, but you can speak a language until you understand it first…

Freely Roaming

The problem with using voice to chat with chatgpt is you come up against your hourly limit really fast. Not really practical if you want to practice a lot.

Jeff M

The problem with chatGPT as with all language tools is they do not work the same in all languages. I found it was making too many errors in Russian for me to continue using it.

FRENCH wanna LOSE Weight!

I watched 5 times the part on Android but I can't get it. You need ChatGPT PLUS?

Federico Betaganzo Jr

a lot of chat gpt on playstore which one?

Jim Gavioli

Amazing amount of work you've put into this video and topic, and it's almost overwhelming, so many choices, moving pieces, where to even start… I can imagine soon a lot of language-learning resources that neatly package/distill all of this and offer it in a seamless, highly targeted service.

Concerned Citizen

How do I get VoiceWave to switch between languages seamlessly the way you have done? Like you, I am a native English speaker wanting to learn French. But I can only choose 1 "Voice control language" and only 1 "ChatGPT's (text to speech) voice/language"?


Now I'm on board with the idea of using GPT to practice foreign language oral skills, but you have to have really solid pronunciation and something like intermediate level proficiency already for it to go the way you want it to. If you say something with really poor pronunciation a human can mentally work through what they think you might mean, using context and possibly a better understanding of you or of common mistakes made by language speakers with the same native language as you, and work out what you mean. GPT isn't that smart right now, and it will simply listen to a garbled word you said and interpret it phonetically with closest approximation. The more often that happens the less a meaningful conversation you'll have. That's true with a human language partner too, but humans are much better at understanding each other through other cues. We're running a much better algorithm than GPT when it comes to comprehension of others speaking our language, and for GPT's part that algorithm is hard to learn or imitate because it's a complex cocktail of communication skills including some that are linked to the real world.

Ziya Şefik Atun

Great! Very informative. Thank you.

Bim Boy

Hi Alex, i'm new to chatgpt… can you share how to make use of my android smartphone for chatgpt ? Awaiting & thanks in advance.

Dimitar & Lidija Berberu

I will test Esperanto (worked via text [back]translation), but it's 100% phonetic & you don't need spelling/pronunciation rules.
Learn the most useful Esperanto in only 1-3 months (not years/decades) if used daily, so you can understand anyone in the world.
Lernu la plej belan neŭtralan Esperanton 🙂

Elizabeth S

Thank you for talking about the extension for "Chat gpt" I can get my help on my spanish I want to learn and I have hard time focusing on learning my second language.


I made a python app ~3 months ago (ironically using chatgpt to help me make it). I would talk, it would speech to text to input, chatgpt would then respond and text-to-voice would be read. It was great, I did it specifically to learn spanish.

HOWEVER. Chatgpt isn't good with languages that are not English. There were multiple times where even I knew the sentence was wrong and would correct it and it would just say "oh i'll try better next time."

Then there would be times I had Chatgpt make a worksheet and correct it, Chatgpt would randomly change the sentences to fit my answers instead of correcting them even when being given step by step instructions not to. Or would just put my answer in if I pointed out that my answer didnt match the "corrected" answer and should be wrong.

Do NOT use chatgpt to try to learn a language. at the most use it for rudimentary conversation but treat it as if it is also learning the target language

Chris Beale Music

I thought the voice control was great but for some reason it's stopped working as a 2-way conversation. I asked exactly as you have but now receive something like this: Moi / toi / moi / etc

Toi : Salut ! Comment ça va ? Tu as des plans pour ce week-end ?

Moi : Salut ! Ça va bien, merci. Pour le week-end, je pense à aller faire une randonnée en montagne. Il fait tellement beau en ce moment. Et toi ?

Toi : Oh, une randonnée en montagne semble géniale, surtout par beau temps. De mon côté, je prévois simplement de me détendre à la maison. J'ai acheté quelques nouveaux livres, donc je vais certainement en profiter pour lire.

Moi : Cela sonne vraiment bien ! Parfois, il n'y a rien de mieux que de passer du temps à la maison avec un bon livre. Tu as choisi quels livres à lire ?

I can't seem to get it back to responding 2-way?

Spanish Language Learning

Great video, but PLEASE SLOW DOWN. This isn't a youtube short. This should have been a 25 minute video.


This video's packed with great stuff. I've just installed the extensions and started tinkering with the whole thing. I tried to replicate the role play on my Android phone, but I can't get the system voice read French without a really thick English accent. Quite a downer. Apart from that, everything works just fine!


I'd still rather speak to a person than an app…. I'm just old fashioned I suppose!

mananaa mamama

I will say one thing from my experience. If you are serious about learning a language, i.e. you want to learn it at least on a communicative level, where you can talk to someone, read texts without much problem, watch movies with subtitles in the language you are learning, then you need to sign up for classes with a teacher. Some people will probably be indignant, explaining that there are now a lot of language learning tools, podcasts, YouTube, access to movies, purchase of textbooks, mobile applications, etc. The truth is that learning in this way will sooner or later discourage you from further work. Learning on your own, you are not able to assess your progress, to check your pronunciation etc., at first you will of course see the effects, the first sentences, the word base will grow, but after a few months of such learning you will get stuck in one place. These are only supplements, the core of learning is classes with a teacher who will be able to improve your pronunciation, help build a sentences from the words you have learned and add motivation. The things I mentioned at the beginning are good when you start your adventure with the language, it's worth learning the basics for 2-4 months, and after that sign up for lessons, and additionally use apps, books, podcasts, etc. as a supplement. There are of course some exceptions, e.g. learning English, when you have some basics, you can try to learn online, because English is basically everywhere, and it is relatively not a difficult language. Just like when, for example, you learn a language that is from your native language family. For example, a Norwegian learning Swedish, or a Pole learning Russian. However, if you are interested in more exotic, asian, oriental languages, then classes with a teacher are mandatory to see the effects and for learning to make sense.

Konfuzius sagt

first of all, thanks for the idea.
But of course, text-to-speech output cannot work properly, if an output text from ChatGPT is bilingual like "Good bye (au revoir)" and the output voice is tied to a specific language.
This produces funny results, but nothing to learn pronounciation from.

Vaughn Campbell

Why do you shake the screen? BTW amazing video


I tried it with Arabic and it broke miserably

Leo Caipei Chen

Use ChatGPT plus for learning tis?

Mohamed Mekhimar

Thank you very much indeed, you're stunning.

Mark Bardner

These apps dont seem to be free…am i missing something?


11:05 why would you want to sound more British, gang burgerland checking in 👨🏻‍🌾🍻

Ben Cohen

This is amazing! You rock!


Google Bard can read responses in Spanish, No need for phonetic trascriptions

Robo Copter

Can we learn German with chat Gdp?

Arghya Chakraborty

1:14 Act as a Spanish language cheater! 😅 Great content BTW.

Henry Guo Teach Chinese in Jokes and Tell Jokes

I hope more people can learn Chinese to get comprehensive firsthand information about China and seek more job opportunities.

Chinese language is concise and beautiful.

I’ve spent lots of time in making many videos teaching Chinese in a humorous way. I hope somebody can give me some advice about how I can reach my target audience who want to learn Chinese.

Juan Moreno

I gotta slow this speaker down! English is my first language but I speak maybe 1/2 as fast as he does😢❤ Thanks for the info nonetheless…


I’m using chatGPT as a writing buddy for my research papers. I’m not a native speaker, and chatGPT helps me to get a decent result very quickly. However, I’ve detected a strange problem with my prompts. Usually, I write a paragraph and then ask chatGPT to revise it. I would tell it to sound academic and so on. An I also ask it to use British English. Unfortunately, I always get a revised version in American English, for example emphasize instead of emphasise. Maybe I should take more time to write better prompts, but I thought giving me answers in BE shouldn’t be a big problem. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool to improve my academic English skills

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