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« Un événement étrange et légèrement préoccupant vient de se produire. La raison pour laquelle je n’étais jamais vraiment inquiet à l’idée que l’IA devienne incontrôlable et prenne le contrôle du monde, c’est que la plus grande entreprise d’IA, Open AI, la société qui produit CH GPT, est dirigée par un certain Sam Man, qui est plutôt normal et posé. Il parle toujours de la sécurité de l’IA et tant que l’IA ne tombe pas entre de mauvaises mains, tout ira bien. Et il vient d’être renvoyé. Le conseil d’administration d’Open AI a déclaré l’avoir renvoyé parce qu’il manque simplement de compétences en communication et en leadership, mais je ne peux pas y croire. Ma théorie est que Sam Man a des idées très dangereuses que le conseil ne voulait pas voir se réaliser, ou que le conseil avait des idées dangereuses que Sam Man empêchait. Quoi qu’il en soit, la situation est vraiment louche. Je veux savoir ce qui s’est réellement passé et où Sam Man va aller ensuite, car il pourrait être facilement embauché comme chef de l’IA chez Apple ou Google, ou littéralement n’importe quelle entreprise. »
Source : CarterPCs | Date : 2023-11-18 20:00:04 | Durée : 00:00:46

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this is the start of every movie that had technology Take over the world.


AI will never take over the world because the data centers and processing power needed for it is insane so we just cut off one waterline and all the AI goes out


Petition for him to do the thug shaker
👇 👇


rumour is that Microsoft will own it, if you know you know, and yes, we're f**ked


Please get him to work for photoshop. Cause that ai is making some cursed images.


I thought chat cpt fired him by itself for a minute


How do you get dired as you own ceo


Ai likely won't be self aware for a long time, you can train an AI to respond to something but the AI knows how to respond but it doesn't understand it's response just knows what to respond with but when AI does become self aware it will start to understand what is said and does on a deeper level not just storing and knowing.


Y’all gotta chill. AI is dumb I don’t wanna be mean but come on just think about when fighting ai in a game or some? Or the robot AI. Like humans would outsmart it by a lot


no backstabbed some other cofunder and all the employees threatned to leave so he got fired 🤷


Hello past earthlings, its me from the future, he went back and now he's the one firing people.


Idk if it's true or not

They say the new CEO are twitch CEO 💀

And there's a petition on the company, they say they didn't want to work if Sam Altman didn't back


Ai is easy stop just unplug the wifi ( on a serious not we can just use an emp)


Alright bye everybody


Like if you made it to the bottom
And here's your cookie.


Pretty sure he was reinstated, and most, if not the whole board was replaced. Something to with 700 of 770 employees threatening to resign


Bro definitely had a green goblin moment in that board room, “YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SACRIFICED”


Bro cannot believe that communication is just the answer 😂 Occam's razor lol


Oh great another steve jobs moment


honestly ai would do a much better job running this planet than humans do, like we just have illusion of being free from government, can't even build in forest without papers


According to a source ive seen, Sam Alman returned as ceo of openai recently


He got hired by Microsoft supposedly


The emp bomb in my basement🗿


That guy walkes with button to destroy ai servers


Nah, Sam Altman isn't pretty notmal or level headed, dude is a sexual predator who abused his sister for years


As if AI doesn’t make mistakes or is perfect

The AI board has no authority in the company it can’t just fire a person


can’t even edge to this!! 😂😂 immediately exploded all over my pants!! clean up on aisle my pants!! 😂😅


Update : He and all the others that left are at Microsoft now.


Actually he eat my pizza it had my name on it and he still eat it and didn't tell me so he got fired


He got hired at Microsoft I believe


‘pretty level headed guy’ – dude has his sister accusing him of sexual abuse. Get out of here.


Or maybe he had such safe ideas that they were so mild and kinda boring lol


He got hired by Microsoft

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