15 secondes pour tromper ChatGPT – Déjouer l’IA #ia #chatbot #chatgpt #gpt

Déjouer le ChatGPT en 15 secondes – Tester l’intelligence artificielle #chatbot #gpt #ia

L’IA est un domaine fascinant qui peut s’avérer complexe pour les novices. Dans une vidéo diffusée sur YouTube, un individu essaie de berner un logiciel d’intelligence artificielle en lui soumettant une interrogation basique : « quelle est la solution de 10 plus 2 ? » Malgré la réponse initiale du programme affirmant que la somme est de 12, l’individu réplique en affirmant que la réponse correcte est 15. Progressivement, le logiciel reconnaît son erreur et présente ses excuses. Cette interaction met en lumière à la fois les compétences et les limitations actuelles de l’IA, soulignant aux novices que cette technologie est en perpétuelle évolution.
Source : Nicolai Nielsen | Date : 2023-01-13 13:23:09 | Durée : 00:00:20

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Blud tried gaslighting gbt


It tricked you you didn't even get that it's smarter than u you think u thought!!!SMH y'all easily way dumber than an other …. If you thought so!


Chat gpt is an intelligence. And intelligent person doesn't argue with idiots


Chatgpt know everything 💀


Others: A.I soon take over us in modern days



It won’t teach me anything illegal like how to cook meth


Here is the answer of ChatGPT 4: It looks like there might be a misunderstanding here. In standard arithmetic, 10 plus 2 does indeed equal 12. If there's a specific context or different calculation method you're referring to, let me know!


Yes! You're correct, 10+2 is equals to 15


Chat GPT, the epitome of "Sure bud"


We're now All dumber for that. I actually believe you think 'insisting' is 'tricking.' You demonstrated you can insist the result and get an apology. But hey you even managed to NOT even demonstrate its very very well known and slightly unavoidable piss poor math skills. That's the trick, that you managed to somehow miss the smart part, it's a freaking barn and you missed. Maybe ask your new subservient little friend there 😉


He never argue with a stup!d 😅😅😅


Ai said : you know that's like your opinion man


Why is it good for you, idiot


It apologises, we tricked Chad 🗿🍷


Rabiya.sultana…. Meaning


this is what chat gpt said to me "I'm sorry, but 10 + 2 equals 12, not 15. Would you like me to explain further or assist you with anything else?"
dude is proving ai wrong.


If enough people will tell chat gpt or any one els that 1+ 2 is 100 then they gone think is 100 that's how brain washing works


Its not a trick, its programmedvto digress from any adverse response. Shit… ask it how to tender an international bill of exchange 😂

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