Découvrez ChatGPT 4 : Le guide complet pour les débutants 2023 Découvrez ChatGPT 4 : Le guide complet pour les débutants 2023

OpenAI a récemment lancé la version GPT-4, une évolution de la génération précédente, GPT 3.5. Cette vidéo compare les deux versions et explique comment utiliser GPT-4 au quotidien et dans un contexte professionnel. GPT-4 est multimodal, cela signifie qu’il peut traiter à la fois des entrées textuelles et des entrées d’images, une fonctionnalité absente de la version 3.5. Il est également plus précis, moins enclin à répondre de façon offensante et plus facilement adaptable aux besoins spécifiques. Ces améliorations le rendent idéal pour des tâches académiques, des jeux de rôles, le brainstorming, le mentorat, la création de contenu et la recherche d’informations. L’accès à GPT-4 nécessite un abonnement Chat GPT Plus à partir de 20 $ par mois. L’utilisation de cette intelligence artificielle peut constituer un atout majeur pour rester compétitif tout en économisant du temps et de l’argent. Selon le vidéaste, l’économie subira des changements significatifs au cours des trois à cinq prochaines années. Ainsi, plus tôt vous apprendrez à utiliser GPT-4, plus vous aurez un avantage par rapport à vos concurrents.
Source : StartupWise | Date : 2023-04-21 18:35:25 | Durée : 00:11:00

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Hope you guys enjoy the video and get a ton of value from it!
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Hmmm what you told us I knew alr ady from chat 3.5 nothing new.


I hope ChatGPT 5 will have voice inputs


whatever you did in gpt 4, could be done in gpt 3.5. not a guide for gpt 4.


im in huge debt I will try this thank you mister sir!


Talks too fast. Every breath and pause is cut out. Humans need time to take things in. This is just another "wave your cock in the air" video.


What you showed can be done pretty much with ChatGPT 3.5.


How many ‘uh’s’ did you take out? 😂


OpenAI is in no way ready to charge money for ChatGPT 4. It is fraught with errors, bugs, network outages, and lag.


Somehow now convinced that chat gpt 4 is not worth it


thanks for widen my view of chatgpt


is there an AI tool where u can send a picture too and it will analyze is and answer your questions about the picture or graph?


so, basically, it barely does anything at the moment


I am reading in recent news articles that gpt4 can now access the internet live through Bing search. So, it is no longer limited to events prior to September 2021.


Awesome dictation very clear and precise directions you are on the right track young man… Rock 'n' roll!


how do I upload photo to ask questions?


You list one of GPT4’s “features” that if is “less likely to respond to offensive commands.”

Questions: “Offensive” meaning what exactly? “Offensive” to whom? “Offensive” how? … … Most importantly: Who gets to decide that?


hay man can chat gpt 4 can create image like text to image


Is it going to help me find a gf though?


If I upgrade to GPT plus on my pc, can i use the same account on my iPhone or I have to pay extra for GPT 4 on my iPhone?


Im kinda hoping people use ai for good and not evil


Tnx for this vid.
I write my blog articles by my self but ask CHAT GTP to re-write part of the text and mosly it sounds really better after it. But the soucre is written on my own.


I feel like most of the things you went over you can use chatgpt 3 for. besides the uploading a photo to the platform…?


How much did they pay you to promote Chat GPT4?


I learned nothing from this video.


Yea… waste $20, talk to it for an hour and get cut off… while you can talk to 3.5 ALL DAY LONG FOR FREE… great business model… If you plan on going out of business soon…


too expensive! The free version is just as good!

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