Boostez votre productivité avec le tutoriel ChatGPT – 38 astuces pour les développeurs Boostez votre productivité avec le tutoriel ChatGPT – 38 astuces pour les développeurs

Dans ce tutoriel, vous allez apprendre tout sur ce qu’est Chat GPT, comment ça fonctionne et surtout comment vous pouvez l’utiliser pour augmenter votre productivité en tant que développeur de logiciels. Chat GPT est un outil AI de pointe créé par OpenAI, capable de comprendre et de générer du texte. Vous pouvez l’utiliser pour créer du contenu pour votre site web, écrire des articles, des e-mails, des tweets, des lettres de motivation, et même pour générer du code dans différents langages de programmation comme Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. Chat GPT peut également vous aider à apprendre et à vous souvenir des choses plus rapidement, vous préparer à des entretiens d’embauche, rédiger un CV, une lettre de motivation, et même vous poser des questions d’entretien. Cependant, Chat GPT a ses limites et peut parfois générer des informations incorrectes, nuisibles ou biaisées. Il est puissant, mais ne remplace pas l’expertise humaine et le jugement. Néanmoins, ce tutoriel vous montrera comment utiliser Chat GPT pour être plus créatif et plus efficace dans vos tâches de développement logiciel.

Source : Programming with Mosh | Date : 2023-01-13 18:00:09 | Durée : 00:28:13




Whether you like ChatGPT or not, remember: ChatGPI and AI are here to stay. Rather than resisting this reality, you should embrace it and learn how to use these technologies to stay current and competitive.


Awesome, on the developer side, i think we must just guide the IA patiently by prompting an initial requirement and be refining it carefully, of course reviewing and even testing each outcome, up to the point we are satisfied with the results


Hey Mosh I am big fan of you. Please guide me how can I be a cloud master from zero to hero


fire your useless programmers. and leave one computer with chatgpt


Can you compare ChatGPT to the Copilot extension?


Mosh this is cool, l really love your way of teaching and i am almost becoming better developer because of you. May God bless you.


Video did not really age well. Or maybe the title was a little click baity….
What are those 38 ways to 10x your productivity? Or maybe I missed the run down of the list.
Video was only going to be great when the novelty was still high i.e first 2 months of ChatGPT being public


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But you need knowledge, i have to correct ChatGPT very often. And sometimes you'll never get the correct answer, you have to investigate it on your own.


Does anyone know what is best ai to use to learn how to write codes, program, and become a SWE?


Hey Mosh, Hope you're okay! which software do you use to edit your videos please ?


oh, maan.. only 12m31s later… jeeeez


which tools do you use to produce such kind of videos?


🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:00 🤖 Introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities.
– Introduction to ChatGPT and its potential as a productivity tool for developers.
02:17 🧠 How ChatGPT works.
– Explanation of ChatGPT's functioning as a language model and its training on text data.
03:39 🛡️ Limitations and precautions when using ChatGPT.
– Discussing the limitations of ChatGPT and the need for human judgment.
04:46 📚 General use cases and questions for ChatGPT.
– Examples of general-purpose questions and use cases for ChatGPT, including learning, scripting, and more.
06:54 💻 Using ChatGPT for coding and development tasks.
– Demonstrating how ChatGPT can assist in generating code, writing unit tests, and solving coding-related questions.
12:11 📊 Using ChatGPT for database-related tasks.
– Examples of using ChatGPT to generate SQL queries and work with databases.
17:01 🌐 Front-end development with ChatGPT.
– Generating HTML and CSS code with ChatGPT for front-end development.
19:43 🚀 Adding interactivity to web applications with JavaScript and APIs.
– Incorporating JavaScript and APIs into web applications using ChatGPT's assistance.
21:14 🖥️ Back-end development with Node.js and Express.js.
– Creating a Node.js and Express.js API using ChatGPT.
24:16 🗄️ Working with databases and building APIs in different languages.
– Building APIs in different languages like Python and using databases with ChatGPT.
27:03 📝 Writing SQL queries and database operations with ChatGPT.
– Using ChatGPT to write SQL queries and perform database operations.
28:06 🎬 Conclusion and call to action.
– Conclusion of the tutorial and a call to action for viewers.

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i am 11 years old and because of you i am having a great start thanks mosh ❤


Not even gunna watch this vid chatgpt fucks up every bit of code i put through it its wank


Educational video. Thank you.


Hi sir I really want to become an ethical hacker
Can you please guide me through


Does this course cover the new plugin features and the code interpret?


Great video! I'm curious, you mentioned the programming languages that it's good at, but didn't mention C#. How well does it do with C#?


i asked chatgpt to give a comment about this video this is what it says:

🚀 "As a developer, this video is a GOLDMINE! 💎 Mosh, you've just introduced me to my new coding partner, ChatGPT. The way you broke down the potential of this tool, from generating code to preparing for job interviews, is nothing short of revolutionary. I can already see how this is going to reshape the future of programming. Is this the end of 'Stack Overflow-driven development'? 😂 #NewAgeCoding"


I like that when you ask ChatGPT, you ask it politely like "Can you write it in Tailwind CSS?" and not "write it now in Tailwind CSS"

I often use "please" and "thanks" so in case AI not just take our job but also seize humanity in the future, they'll be lenient to me as I'm polite *hopefully*.


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