Innovation in iOS 18: ChatGPT now available on iPhones thanks to a groundbreaking agreement between Apple and OpenAI

Apple selects OpenAI for its new chatting robot

Apple joins forces with OpenAI to revolutionize artificial intelligence on iPhone

A new era is emerging in the technology world. Apple, after discussions with Google, now turns to OpenAI to incorporate the renowned ChatGPT in the upcoming iOS update. A decision that promises to shake up the AI landscape on smartphones.

ChatGPT on iPhone 14 Pro
Illustrative Image: ChatGPT on iPhone 14 Pro

Famed journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reports that Apple is about to finalize an agreement with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT features in the next version of iOS 18. This revelation, coming from anonymous sources, demonstrates Apple’s intention to offer a superior AI experience to its iPhone users.

Apple’s AI strategy stands out for its local approach. Unlike other manufacturers, Apple prioritizes data processing internally, leveraging its own chips for optimal performance. This approach ensures swift execution while safeguarding user data confidentiality.

Harnessing Apple’s server capabilities for advanced AI

In addition to local power, Apple is considering resorting to external servers for the most complex AI tasks. According to Mark Gurman, these servers will initially feature M2 Ultra chips, pending the deployment of M4. This resource combination will enable advanced features such as an enhanced Siri, text processing, and image generation.

The use of proprietary servers and chips enhances data protection and user privacy. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook himself underscores the need to thoughtfully integrate AI into iOS, emphasizing the challenges and responsibilities associated with this technology.

In essence, the partnership between Apple and OpenAI opens up new perspectives for AI on smartphones, promising an enriched and secure user experience. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements to discover the technological advancements coming to iOS 18.


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